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Published by Liz on October 22, 2020

Are you keen to learn programming?

Being a programmer can be a stressful job at times but it can also be extremely interesting and rewarding. If you are considering going in to the profession you have a number of routes in which you can take. You may decide to do a college and / or university course which will give you…

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Published by Liz on September 30, 2020

Using personalised products as part of your marketing

Marketing is very important to any business which is looking to grow or expand. It can make a huge difference in the amount of sales or enquiries the business receives. There are a number of ways in which you can market your business and which ones you choose will depend a lot on budget and…

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Published by Liz on August 14, 2020

Marketing your online fitness business effectively

So you have embarked on a journey to run your own fitness business and have up to now had quite a positive response and your client base is growing slowly so what are the next steps to marketing your business and promoting it further? If you don’t already have a website it is a wise…

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Published by Liz on July 5, 2020

Using CRM to create successful marketing campaigns

CRM or customer relationship management uses software that facilitates businesses to expand their customer communications and sales. The majority of companies want to build relationships with their client base as this leads to increased sales and encourages customer loyalty, so how does a CRM system help to make your business marketing campaigns successful? In basic…

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Published by Liz on June 4, 2020

Where do I start with online marketing?

Where do I start with online marketing? When you start up a business one of your main concerns will be how to promote it in such a way as to maximise your profits and to grow your potential client base. Having an online marketing strategy will be essential to your business if you want to…

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