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Published by Liz on July 5, 2020

Using CRM to create successful marketing campaigns

CRM or customer relationship management uses software that facilitates businesses to expand their customer communications and sales. The majority of companies want to build relationships with their client base as this leads to increased sales and encourages customer loyalty, so how does a CRM system help to make your business marketing campaigns successful? In basic…

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Published by Liz on June 4, 2020

Where do I start with online marketing?

Where do I start with online marketing? When you start up a business one of your main concerns will be how to promote it in such a way as to maximise your profits and to grow your potential client base. Having an online marketing strategy will be essential to your business if you want to…

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Published by Liz on May 15, 2020

Reusing PR Articles for your marketing

If you use a PR company to write articles for you to submit to the papers or if you indeed write any articles in house that are put in to the newspaper or a magazine then you should ensure they are also used in other forms of marketing. Any article that is written about your…

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Published by Liz on April 7, 2020

Building up your customer trust through marketing

You may not realise what a big part trust plays when a consumer decides to make a purchase through your shop or your website. Everyone wants to feel that they can trust the retailer to give them a product or service that they ordered and that is will be value for money and do what…

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Published by Liz on March 19, 2020

Should you stop having your website designed?

If you are currently in the progress of having a new website designed and programmed or your current one updated then you may wonder if it is the right time to proceed. Many parts of the UK have been advised to work from home where possible and for some businesses it has meant they are…

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