Published by Liz on March 23, 2022

Finding programmers that can work on your website

If you currently have a website but are in need of someone to do some work on it, you may struggle to find the right person. Although websites are coded using certain languages, you will often find every programmer writes code in slightly different ways and therefore it can be hard for someone else to…

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Published by Liz on November 8, 2021

Is the job of a computer programmer a rewarding one?

The job of a programmer can be very rewarding. It is often quite well paid and the position can vary from job to job. You can be a self-employed web developer or you can work for a company as an employee. You may work for a web design agency or you may work for a…

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Published by Liz on July 26, 2021

Working as a computer programmer in the Midlands

Starting a career as a computer programmer often begins at school as many young people who are excelling at computer studies and use technology every day show an aptitude for programming and realise that a career in this field can not only be lucrative but also very interesting. The role of a computer programmer in…

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Published by Liz on April 9, 2021

Are smartphones making computers obsolete?

The majority of people currently use a mobile device of some sort whether it be the latest smartphone or tablet or an older model with less sophisticated features. Even children as young as four sometimes have access to this technology using it to play games or watch videos. These devices which we use daily, the…

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Published by Liz on February 17, 2021

Online selling without it costing you a penny

With most charity shops closed at the present time people are desperate to get rid of unwanted items if they have had a clear out of their garage or loft. Many people use an online auction site to advertise and sell their items for example on eBay or Gumtree, but more and more people are…

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