Published by Liz on April 27, 2022

Does professional marketing for your business pay for itself?

When looking at your business budgets it can be tempting to try to scrimp and save money wherever you can but sometimes it can actually be of detriment to your business to cut costs too much especially when it comes to marketing. You may think that by doing the marketing yourself you could save a…

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Published by Liz on October 16, 2021

Good old networking – still a place in marketing?

Networking was about long before marketing moved more in to the digital era. Good old fashioned networking was what got many businesses off the ground that are still highly successful today. Using online marketing methods such as Pay per Click or social media advertising can be easier, but word of mouth is still a common…

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Published by Liz on August 26, 2021

Using video footage in your marketing strategy

Competition to attract new business is high currently so companies are looking for new and innovative ways to promote their business. Video has become a popular feature in many successful advertising campaigns but is it an essential tool for your business and what are the financial implications? Many companies use television advertising to promote their…

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Published by Liz on June 28, 2021

Marketing my online health and wellness business

There has been an obvious increase in health and wellbeing in recent times and so starting up an online business that offers advice on these issues stands an excellent chance of being successful. The first question to ask and explore is what is the best way of marketing the new business so that interested clients…

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Published by Liz on May 11, 2021

Marketing in the twenty-first century

Marketing has change beyond all recognition in the last fifty years as there was only a limited number of ways to get your product or services known. Companies looking to advertise found that they could only choose from TV and radio advertising, which was only just starting, cinema trailers and printed advertisements in magazines and…

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