Published by Liz on August 14, 2020

Marketing your online fitness business effectively

So you have embarked on a journey to run your own fitness business and have up to now had quite a positive response and your client base is growing slowly so what are the next steps to marketing your business and promoting it further?

If you don’t already have a website it is a wise move to invest in one either by paying a web designer and developer to do this for you or by using one of the many online tutorials and going it alone. There are sites that provide a template for a simple website to get you started as you can always at a later date have a more detailed site if necessary. Giving special new sign up member deals is a great way to encourage business and CRM software can help streamline the communications you have with clients.

Making a social media business page is a straightforward way to engage new clients as friends can like and share your page thus increasing the number of potential clients you can reach.

Whichever platform you choose, online videos can be posted showing the services you offer and reviews from satisfied clients are always a good way to generate new business especially if incentives such as recommendation bonuses are offered.