Published by Liz on March 23, 2022

Finding programmers that can work on your website

If you currently have a website but are in need of someone to do some work on it, you may struggle to find the right person. Although websites are coded using certain languages, you will often find every programmer writes code in slightly different ways and therefore it can be hard for someone else to come along and work with something they have not created. Having said that it certainly isn’t impossible and may just require a little bit of extra time and testing before they can get stuck in to the task in hand.

Often people have websites developed and then find that a few years down the line their developer is no longer doing the job and they are left with a website they cannot update. Although you may wish to keep your existing site, sometimes it may be quicker and also cheaper to start again with a new company, especially if you already have all the text and images you want to use.

Be sure to check that you have access to things such as your domain name and ideally the database for your website. You will need to be able to move your hosting over to the new company or at least have access to where the site is hosted or the domain to point it across to the new servers.