Published by Liz on September 6, 2021

What is a CRM system and should your business have one?

Lots of businesses make the mistake that a CRM system is only needed for large organisations, but the beauty is that many of them can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. If you do not need a section that manages staff members and timesheets then you do not need to have that. A…

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Published by Liz on January 10, 2021

Online marketing for a new business venture

Running your own business successfully involves many factors one of which is how to promote your business in such a way that it will grow your target audience and maximise the profit that you want to achieve. It is essential then that the online marketing strategy you choose to use for your business so that…

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Published by Liz on July 5, 2020

Using CRM to create successful marketing campaigns

CRM or customer relationship management uses software that facilitates businesses to expand their customer communications and sales. The majority of companies want to build relationships with their client base as this leads to increased sales and encourages customer loyalty, so how does a CRM system help to make your business marketing campaigns successful? In basic…

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Published by Liz on September 7, 2018

Training for your CMS system

If you have a website that has a content management system attached to it, it is vital that you fully understand how to use it before you start. Making changes through a CMS system can cause your website to crash or for certain pages, or elements to stop working. Depending on how the site has…

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Published by Liz on August 7, 2018

Integrating your CRM in to your website

If you use a CRM system such as Sales Force or Iris then you may want to link it in to your website to allow your customers to login via your site and carry out certain actions. It may be that you want to give them the ability to view and change their contact details…

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