Published by Liz on July 5, 2020

Using CRM to create successful marketing campaigns

CRM or customer relationship management uses software that facilitates businesses to expand their customer communications and sales. The majority of companies want to build relationships with their client base as this leads to increased sales and encourages customer loyalty, so how does a CRM system help to make your business marketing campaigns successful?

In basic terms the system helps you to centralise, improve and streamline the communications you have with your customers. All client information is kept securely on a database and is easily accessed if needed. This information can be sorted into segmented lists allowing you to target specific clients with marketing material that is relevant to them.

A good CRM system may also help to retain customers by reminding you to contact them if you have not had contact recently and by tracking their recent purchase history and satisfaction with the products or services.

If you decide to incorporate this system into your business marketing strategy it is essential, in order to comply with data privacy requirements that the system has inbuilt GDPR related functionality. This will ensure that you are completely compliant with the appropriate legal regulations and have the relevant permissions in place from your client base.