Published by Liz on February 17, 2021

Online selling without it costing you a penny

With most charity shops closed at the present time people are desperate to get rid of unwanted items if they have had a clear out of their garage or loft. Many people use an online auction site to advertise and sell their items for example on eBay or Gumtree, but more and more people are now turning to Facebook marketplace to sell unwanted items as there are no costs involved such as postage and commission if people collect the items.

The advantage to selling in this way is often the simplicity of the process compared to other selling sites. The items are listed and described as usual with clear and accurate photographs of the items including if necessary, any damage. A price is set initially but this can be changed if the item does not sell. The process is easy to do as once on Facebook the small house icon at the top of the screen should be clicked which will open Marketplace. Tapping on the sell icon will open a new window entitled create a new listing. You can then choose a category for your item. The new listing page will then open on your screen and prompts will guide you to upload your previously taken photographs, describe your item with a price and your location. One click will allow you to upload your advertisement immediately to marketplace and to any selling groups that you are members of. If you make a mistake your listing can be edited straightaway.