Published by Liz on March 23, 2021

Marketing a learning app to school leaders

This last year has seen tremendous changes in children’s learning methods as many have had to get to grips with online learning. Parents have had to become familiar with a range of apps as schools have used a variety of resources to teach skills and impart knowledge and have come to realise that not all apps are user friendly especially if parents are not tech savvy. If you have designed a new learning app that you feel is an improvement on other apps that are out there how do you go about marketing it effectively to schools and parents?

The main objective initially is to get the app known by educators and parents. This can often be accomplished by giving free access to the app for an initial period. Visits into school to demonstrate the apps features are a good way to make sure that the app is used correctly and to iron out any problems the users may encounter. If the school is in agreement flyers could be sent home with pupils so that parents can trial it at home.

If the learning app is going to be successful, effective marketing is going to be vital but also the reliability and ease of use of the app will play a huge part in its uptake by busy school leaders.