Published by Liz on September 7, 2018

Training for your CMS system

If you have a website that has a content management system attached to it, it is vital that you fully understand how to use it before you start. Making changes through a CMS system can cause your website to crash or for certain pages, or elements to stop working.

Depending on how the site has been programmed and what level of access you have to the content management system, will dictate what you can change. For example, if you use WordPress and have editor rights, you may be able to make changes to the content within a page but will not have access to the code editor or install plugins.

Before making any changes to your site it is important to insure that your website has been backed up. Most hosting companies will offer a backup service to their clients which is often done on a daily or weekly basis. This means if you do something wrong which you cannot fix, they can reinstate a backup of when the site was last working.

You need to know exactly how to change the elements you want to on your site and what affect these changes may have on other parts of the page or site. Always test any changes thoroughly, ideally before setting live.