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Published by Liz on January 27, 2022

Enhance your marketing by using CRM

Having a positive relationship with clients can be said to be crucial to any business whatever its size and often results in higher sales and customer loyalty which is so important in this sometimes cutthroat marketing environment. A CRM system or customer relationship management system helps businesses to develop more successful marketing campaigns by using…

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Published by Liz on December 31, 2021

Digital marketing for beginners

Competition for business is stronger than ever as businesses of all sizes are competing to have their voice heard. So how do you give yourself the best chance of standing out? In essence, this comes down to knowing exactly what your goals are, who your audience is, and what the most effective ways of getting…

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Published by Liz on November 8, 2021

Is the job of a computer programmer a rewarding one?

The job of a programmer can be very rewarding. It is often quite well paid and the position can vary from job to job. You can be a self-employed web developer or you can work for a company as an employee. You may work for a web design agency or you may work for a…

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Published by Liz on October 16, 2021

Good old networking – still a place in marketing?

Networking was about long before marketing moved more in to the digital era. Good old fashioned networking was what got many businesses off the ground that are still highly successful today. Using online marketing methods such as Pay per Click or social media advertising can be easier, but word of mouth is still a common…

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Published by Liz on September 6, 2021

What is a CRM system and should your business have one?

Lots of businesses make the mistake that a CRM system is only needed for large organisations, but the beauty is that many of them can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. If you do not need a section that manages staff members and timesheets then you do not need to have that. A…

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