Published by Liz on November 10, 2020

Marketing through a lockdown

With all of England in a second lockdown, many businesses that still hadn’t had the opportunity to recover from the first lockdown, are really struggling to stay afloat. Marketing has never been so important and although it may seem scary to have to spend money when money is tight, it os often the businesses that do so that survive.

When it comes to marketing it can be vast. Firstly, there is offline marketing and online marketing. Examples of offline marketing may be cold calling over the phone or leaflet drops, online marketing can be advertising through Google Adwords or social media sites. Because there are so many restrictions in place and it is currently not a good idea to be having too much face to face contact or distributing material, online marketing is certainly the way forward at the moment. If you only have a very limited budget then it is advisable that you do as much ad you can yourself to stretch the budget, this may include writing articles to add to your website, running competitions on Facebook etc or improving the existing pages on your site. IF you can afford it though, then why not hire the expertise of a web marketing company. They will be able to advise you where’s best to invest your money to get the highest return. They will often very quickly pay for themselves in the increase in business they draw in.