Published by Liz on May 11, 2021

Marketing in the twenty-first century

Marketing has change beyond all recognition in the last fifty years as there was only a limited number of ways to get your product or services known. Companies looking to advertise found that they could only choose from TV and radio advertising, which was only just starting, cinema trailers and printed advertisements in magazines and newspapers.

In the digital twenty-first century, the way we relate to media, advertising and marketing has changed, thanks in the most part to the internet, and therefore new opportunities to promote a company’s products and services are available.

So called viral ads are an innovation in recent times and came about from our desire to share funny or interesting things with our friends. If a clip catches the public’s imagination, it could be seen by millions in just a few days, so advertising and marketing agencies have been quick to cash in on this trend.

Content Marketing is another way companies are using the internet to promote their company, and although pop-ups and banner ads can be annoying if the company creates engaging and interesting content about the brand it is a great way to connect with a target audience. Having appealing content on the website can lead to more web traffic which in turn improves the company rankings in search engine results pages.