Published by Liz on August 7, 2018

Integrating your CRM in to your website

If you use a CRM system such as Sales Force or Iris then you may want to link it in to your website to allow your customers to login via your site and carry out certain actions. It may be that you want to give them the ability to view and change their contact details or preferences or that you want to allow them to view current and previous invoices. Some businesses let their customers upload documents to send to them securely through their CRM system.

The beauty of having a CRM system that integrates with your websites is that it can cut down on admin time and the need for duplication. If your customers have to call you when they want to change their email address or to get a copy of an invoice this takes time and is time that could be better spend doing other tasks. By allowing your customers access to do this themselves, they get the documents they need immediately without you having to be involved.

Before choosing your CRM system, check if it has the ability to be integrated in to your website or if there is an easy to use link that you could embed in to your site to allow your customers access to the information you give them.