Published by Liz on December 10, 2020

Website development courses for the novice developer

An effective website that is optimised to increase sales can require a great deal of technical work behind the scenes. This technical work can be learnt by embarking on a website development course that is run by a board or college that awards a recognised qualification. Choosing a career in web development is a popular…

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Published by Liz on October 22, 2020

Are you keen to learn programming?

Being a programmer can be a stressful job at times but it can also be extremely interesting and rewarding. If you are considering going in to the profession you have a number of routes in which you can take. You may decide to do a college and / or university course which will give you…

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Published by Liz on March 19, 2020

Should you stop having your website designed?

If you are currently in the progress of having a new website designed and programmed or your current one updated then you may wonder if it is the right time to proceed. Many parts of the UK have been advised to work from home where possible and for some businesses it has meant they are…

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Published by Liz on May 9, 2019

Outsourcing your programming

If you are a business that has a website or are looking for a website then you may have to outsource the project if you do not have anyone internally that is able to do so. Depending on how complex your website is going to be will often have an impact on who you can…

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Published by Liz on March 15, 2019

Buying WordPress templates

If you are a developer looking to make a website for a client or a business owner wanting to create your own site then you may look at buying a WordPress template to start you off. Templates can take a lot of hassle out of the coding and make it relatively easy to get a…

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