Published by Liz on April 25, 2016

CRM security

A CRM (customer relationship management) software package is where you can store all of your customer data. This may be names, address, phone numbers and previous and current orders but may also be linked up to your accounting software allowing you to access historical invoices and to see when payments are next due. All of…

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Published by Liz on December 29, 2015

Software deals for businesses

If you are running a small business you will know that the cost of software can be astronomical and often the self-employed of small business owners simply cannot afford to buy it. But there are ways of getting certain software cheaper or finding similar versions for less. Sage, for example is a great bit of…

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Published by Liz on November 29, 2015

Comparing CRM software

CRM software is vital to many businesses in all industries. It is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management software and is basically a portal where information is stored regarding your customers. This information can be configured in a number of ways such as existing clients, potential and past clients. There are hundreds of different CRM…

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Published by Liz on September 30, 2015

Migrating to a new CRM system

CRM software stands for Customer Relationship Management software and is essentially a portal where you can store all your records for past, current and potential customers. Many large businesses will have a CRM system and these can vary depending on what level of system the company requires. Some of the more basic systems will store…

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Published by admin on January 27, 2015

What can a bespoke CMS do for you?

Every content management system is designed to give users more control over their site and their content, but depending on your business, you may need a bespoke CMS system. Adding pages, news items and content in general is a given with most CMS systems, however you may require a powerful ecommerce platform, managing product details…

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